Benefits of Swimming for Seniors

by: Angela Stringfellow

Whee! Pool season can be the best time of year!

Every year as winter fades into the buds of spring, the world remembers the joys of summer – blue skies and juicy watermelon and, of course, lazy afternoons by the pool.

Humans are inextricably drawn to water: we love beaches and boardwalks and boats and lighthouses. There's something romantic and indulgent and just plain wonderful about being near, on, or in the water. The ocean, a lake, a pool, or the shower – water feels good. And we feel good when we're in the water. Swimming supports 90% of your body weight, making it less painful than other workouts.

Health Benefits of Swimming for Seniors

There are many benefits to swimming, but beyond the pleasure afforded by aquatic recreation, a dip in the pool also has many health benefits – especially for seniors. Check out these top 9 health reasons everyone 60+ should take a regular swim:

Swimming Tips for Seniors

Swimming has incredible rewards, especially for swimmers in their golden years. Even if you ignore the health studies and medical jargon, the heart of the matter is that swimming is just plain fun.

It's no surprise that swimming pools have become more and more common across the country, from your local fitness center to retirement communities to your own backyard. Before you dip into the nearest pool, follow these simple tips to stay healthy and ensure your safety (or that of a senior loved one):

Now that we've talked safety, let's move on to leisure. Swimming is one of life's great pleasures: when you're in the water, you're almost weightless. You can flip and float, chat with friends, or play a game – the pool is the perfect place for friendship and fun. Here are a few tips to make the most of your swim time: