50 Ways to Make Yourself Feel Young Again

by Jeff Anderson

Staying Young at Heart

1. Throw a coin in a fountain and make a wish.

2. Visit the nearest town you’ve never been to before.

3. Go to a drive-in movie.

4. Draw, color, or doodle for 30 minutes.

5. Have a snowball fight.

6. Tell a ghost story.

7. Write your spouse a love letter.

8. Make a tie-dye shirt.

9. Eat cookies with milk.

10. Go to the library.

11. Write the words to a new song.

12. Make a paper airplane.

13. Make a list of your 10 favorite animals.

14. Watch a sunrise or sunset.

15. Inhale helium and talk in a squeaky voice.

16. Make up your own secret code.

17. Write a limerick or a haiku.

18. Wear a funny hat.

19. Visit the zoo.

20. Volunteer to participate in the Big Brother / Big Sisters mentoring program.

21. Ride in a hot-air balloon.

22. Drink a milkshake.

23. Play hide and seek.

24. Tell someone a joke.

25. Introduce yourself to a new person.

26. If you own a musical instrument, improvise for 30 minutes.

27. Visit an art museum.

28. Play a board game.

29. Visit a performance of live music.

30. Do something that scares you.

31. Go to a baseball game or other another sporting event.

32. Propose to play rocks, papers, scissors to resolve your next dispute.

33. Go dancing.

34. Pose in a photograph with a statue.

35. Take a long bath.

36. Hold your breath the next time you drive through a tunnel.

37. Volunteer at an elementary school.

38. Recall your earliest memory.

39. Go on a boat ride.

40. Sing in the shower.

41. Learn a new language.

42. Make funny faces in the mirror.

43. Speak in a faux English accent all day.

44. Solve a puzzle.

45. Audit classes at a local university or college.

46. Try an unusual food you’ve never had before.

47. Start a blog about something that interests you.

48. Read the comics next time you buy a newspaper.

49. Make a snow angel.

50. Create a collage out of old magazines.